The word Intrepid means bold…courageous…fearless. It was often used to describe explorers when they pushed their limits and didn’t let obstacles get in their way as they forged ahead to tackle Everest or the South Pole. Don’t get us wrong…we know we’re not conquering mountains by helping people navigate the home buying and selling process or by working with you on a commercial deal for your business, but we do want each client to know that we’re committed to going the extra mile for them.

Our team of experienced agents will listen, advise, assist, and make recommendations based on your needs and goals. We’re a small, agile, tech-savvy firm with boutique service and big marketing presence.

We aim to bring more value to your real estate experience. Outstanding service, expertise, common sense, flexibility – that’s how we want every client to describe their experience to their friends. Your experience working with us as your agents doesn’t end when you close on your home or investment property – it will continue indefinitely so that we can remain your trusted advisors now and in the future.

Nate, Tyler, Dawn, Josh, John and Rob are always up for a cup of coffee and discussing your next move. Thanks for visiting, reading and connecting with us!